The walls, the decor

One thing I love about having a Facebook account is getting to see pictures of people’s vacations.  Sometimes hundreds of pictures of buildings and shops.  Every new turn and every meal and every outlook deserving of a snapshot.  Occasionally the camera is turned on the happy vacationers sipping coffee, eating a doughnut or smiling.

Something about leaving your city and your home widens your eyes a bit.  Everything is exciting in this hazy of free exploration.  Some have taken to promoting this excitement during stay-cations.  People are encouraged to explore their own cities with curiosity and new eyes.

I think this exploration is both craved and too exhausting to sustain.  At some point we go back to our routines and our standard, boring way of looking at the world. I think this is ok too.  Everything we do as humans seems to be a give and take, a hill or valley.

Maybe my walls and decor are different than those living by the beach but curiosity can’t be faulted. I think we could be better off if we saw our world as a tourist might.  If we are prone to complaining in America about our wealth we should see our world as a person from a third world country might.


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You are not prepared


OMG. So yeah, I know I’m lvl 75 and all but I never had the remotest chance to do anything so cool as to kill Illidan. It was so very cool. He really does say “you are not prepared” at the beginning and it gave me chills. I guess the leader was looking for some of the gear that drops…and we just happened to get the invite for this massive dungeon. Even Shane never had the chance to do the Illidan part of the dungeon when he was level 70 because his gear was never high enough. It was an amazing experience….at least the last part of it was.

The first 30 minutes I was stuck in an endless cycle of getting in the dungeon and my computer freezing. Usually I would be able to just turn off WoW and re-login but everything froze. I had to turn off the computer, wait for it to turn back on, turn on WoW, wait for it to login, then wait for the dungeon loading screen 4 times!  It was a serious pain in the ass. And honestly I felt like throwing the whole computer across the room. But on the fourth time when I had basically given up it started to work! ah!

It was worth it though. With the help of Akama, and some other lady who showed up out the blue we defeated Illidan!

I was prepared sucker. lol

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Will I ever not suck?

So while I’m not even level 80 and I’ve been playing for several years now I’m sure that I’d still be considered a “newb”.  Which is fine with me, as long as people are nice about it.  I’ve managed to at least for the most part keep my self from constantly dying or pulling a lot of huntard moves in groups.

But just the other day I helped helped glitch a dungeon by feigning…don’t remember which one at the moment.  Everything went so well but I forgot to remove the aspect of the pack and stunned the whole freaking group as they ran into the next boss.  Everything was alright, I mean we didn’t wipe or anything but I was just thinking, how embarrassing.  I mean, I’m lvl 74 and yeah…I should know better.

Also for some reason lately I’ve been thinking about dps meters a lot.  I go into dungeons and I can get 3rd dps if I’m really paying attention, but I just keep wondering why I can’t be 2nd?  I mean, …ever.  I’m supposed to be a damage dealing class.  I suppose it has a lot to do with my crap gear.  Ok, I have 3 good pieces but, dang.

I understand that before cataclysm at 80, the games all about getting better gear but I feel like sulking in the corner or something.  lol.

Perhaps the world is looking up for me in cataclysm though.  Patch 4.01 just came out last night and its really exciting all the great improvements to hunters.

I’m loving the idea of being able to call more than one pet.  It’s going to make being duel spec’d and moving between questing and dungeons so much better.

Perhaps I’ll talk more on that stuff later.

For now I suppose lvl 80 is my goal,…and then hope to get some better gear.

I just have this dream, this fantasy really, that one day I’ll be at the top of the dps carts…ah,…its a beautiful dream.

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