One step at a time

I may not be following the appropriate Christian line but as a follower of Christ my faith is in my every opinion, in every sector of life, including political discourse. 
Christ gave me all of my life and all of my freedom. I don’t get to exclude him from political or any other tense conversation. This doesn’t mean I spout bible verses, only that my choices are a reflection of my faith.
I happen to think that communication is healthy provided it’s not insulting. I would say though that some of the hostility comes from the truths and concerns behind the words spoken. 
Part of the church has become very decisive. Part very open and part very judgmental.  
What we see is shocking as people shift towards extremes around the globe. 
I don’t like what the church has become. But my savior is still my king. Praying for love and restoration in these hateful times.

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