The personal relationships that affected upon death are one of the hardest things to deal with.  Someone you care about is there one minute and gone the next.  The mind struggles to deal with not seeing them again.  They made such an impact on your life and you are left without.

I think though that the beauty that someone brings to this world stays in the hearts and minds of those who remain.  We remain to spread on a little bit of them.  We give the hugs we were given.  We pass on the love they gave.  Sad really doesn’t cover it and I have not lost nearly as many loved ones as others.  People today are struggling with loss.  Some is loss from long ago and some is fresh and searing.

We can not take it back or prevent new loss from coming. We can not prevent even our own loss of life at some point.  We can only love and forgive and share what we have to give that is good.  I think all we can ever hope for is to be known as a kind person, a loving person or a fun person. Then maybe our kindness will be light for the next generations.

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