The choice to be offended often doesn’t feel like a choice at all. Whatever word or tone spurs the offense creates a ball of rolling irritation that gains more and more energy as it goes.  Often have been offended for quite some time before recognizing that I am offended and have been trapped into behaving accordingly.

Freeing yourself of any trap necessitates being aware of its clutches.  Only when I get the to cusp of awareness of the offense trap can I begin to say that maybe I don’t need to be feeling these emotions at all.

I don’t think that one can get to such a state of self enlightenment that they are able to completely forestall the initial pull towards offense but perhaps that is because I am simply not that enlightened.

At any rate, I think it is important to gain awareness of this pesky habit that can so quickly overwhelm our senses and sensibilities.

If we are going to be adult free thinkers I believe we should  be on guard for this little pest.  We should be the author of our lives, not our emotions.

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